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STEM Camps


June 26-29, Monday-Thursday, 9:30-11:30am
July 24-27, Monday-Thursday, 9:30-11:30am
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 4-8

Campers build, craft, paint, and launch their rockets under careful supervision. Along the way they learn some basic physics, a little rocketry history, and have a lot of fun! Our rockets are similar to rockets you find in a good craft store with parachutes and small solid fuel engines. They are launched from a safe distance with and electric signal from a control pad.

Make it a full day by combining with the Woodworking (June) or eSports (July) Afternoon Camps

Middle School eSPORTS

July 24-27, Monday-Thursday, 9:30-11:30am
July 24-27, Monday-Thursday, 12:30-2:30pm - FULL, Join Wait List Below
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 6-8

The Middle School eSports camp will focus on the art of gaming and a few of the various games currently being played in a competitive league. We will look at a number of competitive games like Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Minecraft, and Rocket League.  Each day will focus on one game, paired with specific skills needed for each game and strategies for success. We will study former competitive gamers and their strategies, and discuss what the future holds for competitive gaming and live streaming games.  When it comes to the art of gaming, we will look at creating artistic but fair levels in games like Mario, and discuss what it is that makes a game fun, popular, and/or successful in today’s competitive video game market. A number of these discussed games will be watched on video and played in class to grasp the basics and look for similarities, tricks and ultimately get some exposure to different genres and concepts seen in the world of gaming today. Students will also get a look into some basics of gaming socialization such as creating a Discord server, live streaming etiquette and safety, and online sportsmanship. If students have a Nintendo Switch and/or an Xbox or Playstation controller, it will be helpful to bring them to class. Students will also have access to a gaming PC.  This camp is a great opportunity for experienced gamers to hone their skills, and for new players to get the knowledge they need to pursue recreational or competitive online gaming.


June 5-8, Monday-Thursday, 9am-Noon
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 6-12

Broadcasting camp will introduce participants to the world of online streaming, social media and pod casting. Campers will learn the basics of camera operation, commentary and engineering using the production truck software and BlueFrame and/or YouTube sites. Interview and podcasting basics will also be introduced in the CSPN studios. Proper social media content, editing and posting will be an essential part of the lessons as well as Broadcasting from the Athletictron during CCP Basketball camps. All equipment will be provided to the campers. Camp instructors will include CSPN faculty as well as former and current Chaminade students.

Make it a full day by combining with Digital Video Camp


June 5-8, Monday-Thursday, 1-4pm
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 6-12

Campers will learn to film, edit, and create videos that can be used on social media platforms. They will become familiar with cannon video cameras and create footage that helps tell a story. This footage will be edited using Adobe Rush in the classroom on desktop computers. In the studio they will create a podcast story using the studio cameras and ATEM mini. Finally they will learn to properly post the video on social media.

Make it a full day by combining with Broadcasting Camp

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June 26-29, Monday-Thursday, Noon-3pm
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 6-9

In this woodworking camp, attendees will learn the basics of woodworking, use of hand tools /care, and workshop safety. Students will plan out a basic woodworking project that they will design and construct. There will be several 'kit' type projects that will be recommended for beginners. At the week's end campers will be able to take home a completed project for personal use.

Make it a full day by combining with the morning Org. Boot Camp, Baseball or Model Rocket Camps running the same week.